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Web and app design for startups

A well-made design of a mobile or web app is not just about presentation. Product design is about
usability, functionality, and bringing value to a customer.

If you aim to build a customer-driven product, UX/UI design will be the starting point in the
development process.

Why do you need a custom design?

Amaze users

Customer-centered design is a tool that is useful, but invisible for the user. Intuitive interactions, clear storytelling, and constant feedback make your app recognizable and really valuable.

Engage the target audience

If you don’t have a user journey map, design standards, and visual aspects, it will
result in developing a useless project. Good design is the best way to engage customers and increase a retention rate.

Boost up conversions

Design makes it possible to interact with the product. A poorly-designed platform leads to a lack of sales and money spending. Meanwhile, a research-driven UX result in an outstanding conversion rate.

Our web and app design results

User journey design

Our design team aims to solve users’ problems instead of making copies of another products.

Before actually developing a design, we study how your idea resonates with the audience and

This helps to correctly identify the user’s motivation, expectations and pain points.

We provide a user journey that will determine which tools and practices to use for product
research-based design.

Web design

We bring together the best software developers and designers to create an excellent user experience for your web service.

We design platforms to follow and support users on a step-by-step journey through all screens to satisfy their needs.

Our approach is based on design thinking. We consider your target audience in the first place. Then, we build a user-friendly and technically optimized site people would love.

We focus on fast-loading, responsive, and recognizable design as a core of web design development.

Mobile app design

We build a mobile app design that reinvents user experience in a stylish and user-friendly way.

We follow the official Google and Apple guidelines to deliver a technically perfect design with attractive visuals.

As a result, your application can become one of the most popular in both Google Play Market and App Store.

Design Your App In the Customer-Driven and Profit-Making Way

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Design process


1. Requirements

We define what your project is and collect technical and non-technical requirements.

We check your competitors, understand the product and the motivation to build it.


2. User research

We interview your target audience.Our goal is to define everything related to a product.

Domain, target audience and even more to offer design of the required set of features.


3. UX design

At this stage, we transform insights from your customers into clear and effective User Experience.

We use paper prototypes and wireframes to rapidly test hypotheses and leave only the most viable ones.

We project interfaces that have a conversion capacity.


4. UI design

Now it’s time to make an attractive visual to provide high-quality experience. Here, at SpdLoad, we work with Sketch and Figma.

We need a wow-effect so that users are surprised.

We make them remember and return to the product for a valuable solution.


5. Prototyping

Once each of the above steps is approved, we develop clickable prototypes of the entire product. To do so, we use inVision.

Such kind of prototype makes a perfect fit as a fundraising tool and additional resource for your pitch deck for investors.

Our design expertise

SaaS platform

The main challenge of SaaS design is to create simple interface for complex features. And we have already done it more than for 20 projects.


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The presentation of each service \ product card can define the purchase outcome.

We focus on both functionality and attractive visual to boost up conversions.

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Mobile apps design

Mobile design should be understandable, engaging and functional.

We provide a completely new experience and employ various mechanics to create great design.

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Company’s website

Building a strong brand identity

The Landing Page plan plus:
  • Site up to 5 pages
  • Wireframes
  • 3 design iterations
  • Website UI kit with colors, buttons, fonts
  • Competitors research
  • Top-level designers only
  • Prioritized support

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Best choice

Custom design
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Transforming your request into smooth designed product

The Company’s website plan, plus:
  • The customer research
  • Unlimited screens’ number
  • Clickable prototypes

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Landing page

The custom landing to generate leads or validate idea

  • Conversion-driven design
  • Free consultation on UX/UI design
  • Project requirements
  • Source files
  • Dedicated manager

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