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7 Best Telemedicine Apps In 2020

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Telemedicine is a modern way to provide clinical services to the patient remotely through communication using HIPAA compliant apps and software.

Telemedicine apps have made healthcare and medical facilities more accessible to a patient. They are a real time saver for both the doctor and patient as there is no requirement for the physical presence of the patient.

The telemedicine apps help the patients to get an efficient solution for their problem, sitting at their homes. This article will explore all information about the top-rated telemedicine sites and apps of this industry.

It will include the features, trends, and information regarding how profitable it is to make your own telemedicine application.

Telemedicine Application Market Overview

The market statistic on how telemedicine apps grow over the years

The telehealth industry is still in its initial years of development but has surprisingly created a value of 45 billion USD for itself. The reports estimate that within the period of 2020-2027, this industry will grow at a CAGR of 19%.

Some of the best telemedicine platforms help healthcare services to become more accessible to the vast segment of the population.

The significance of the best telehealth apps is that they are an online resource and are not limited to a specific region. The market trends show that over sixty-two million people across the world do not have access to proper medical services.

So developing new telemedicine apps is a great way to serve more people and also gain enormous profits as a business.

What Features To Consider For Telemedicine Application?

The best telemedicine apps 2020 are the ones that are highly efficient in producing the best results with their simple and productive features. Some of the adequate features in such apps are as follows:

Features for Patients

Feature Description
Search Bar To search the specialized doctors in close proximity.
Appointments For checking the doctor’s availability and making an appointment.
Medical Records To keep a track of healthcare services and their results that have been availed in the past.
Rating and Reviews The collective feedback helps patients to pick the best doctors on this telemedicine platform.
In-App Calls (Video and Audio) To have a conversation with the doctors in the telehealth app.
Geolocation For connecting with a doctor in your surrounding regions and also in case of emergencies.

Features for Doctors

Feature Description
Profile It includes information regarding the doctor’s education and experience.
Scheduling For managing the appointments and consultation requests.
EHR Review To go through the background details and medical history of the patient..
Medical Prescriptions Digital prescriptions are necessary for the patient to buy medicines from the pharmacy.
Dashboard For the quick selection of different options and features in top rated sites and telemedicine apps.
Communication To connect with the patients more easily and effectively.

Check out How we Develop HIPAA Compliant App

Find out the challenges and pitfalls of HIPAA Compliant development. And how we overcome them.

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Top 7 Rated Telemedicine Sites and Apps

Below given is the list of the best telemedicine apps 2020 with their core features and other related information.


MDLIVE is an easy, fast, and reliable application that offers various kinds of non-emergency services. It takes less than 15 minutes to connect you with a board-certified physician and work 24/7/365 days of the year.

The doctors hold expertise in treating chronic ailments and other common ailments like flu, insect bites, headaches, vomiting, etc. It is estimated that more than 27 million people across the US use this telemedicine platform.

Core Features
  • HIPAA Compliant to ensure safety.
  • Private and secure chat with the doctor.
  • Availability of specialists.
  • Video and Audio Chats.
User Experience MDLIVE is one of the most top rated telemedicine sites and apps in the US.

A high percentage of the userbase in this medical platform is exceptionally satisfied with their service.

The user interface is convenient for the age group of all people and the quick connection with the doctor is an additional benefit.

Cost This amazing telehealth app is free to download and costs between $75- $260 depending upon the type of service availed.
  • PlushCare

PlushCare is known for its excellent services and insurance friendly user interface. The telehealth application consists of a high range of doctors from pediatricians to psychiatrists to physicians. It has a user database of more than a hundred thousand people. The telemedicine platform serves patients having asthma, depression, cholesterol, insomnia, and several other diseases.

Core Features
  • Secure video consultations.
  • Integration with most insurance companies.
  • Medical services and doctors available in all 50 states.
  • Easy connect with doctors.
User Experience It is counted amongst the topmost medical applications as it offers insurance benefits that most other telehealth apps lack.

Although a common issue that many users face is a delay in test reports.

Cost It is free to download and costs between $99-$199 for its services.
  • LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is an outstanding telehealth app that provides extensive care to patients via video chat and text messaging. It maintains a reliable medical record history of the patients and is HIPAA compliant. LiveHealth is well known in the US region and has a customer base of more than 400,000 people.

Core Features
  • Digital laboratory reports.
  • Easy data import and export.
  • Inventory management.
  • Sample tracking.
User Experience LiveHealth Online is amongst the best applications in the industry in terms of its user experience.

The availability of multiple premium features makes this platform worth the recognition.

Cost The services in it start from $100 a month and they also offer a free trial version of the app.
  • Doctor on Demand

When the best platforms for telemedicine are considered, Doctor on Demand always makes its name to the A list. The application has the biggest customer database and provides services for the age group of all people. From acute diseases to chronic diseases, Doctor on Demand provides services for every disease.

Core Features
  • Appointment reminders.
  • E-Prescribing for the patients.
  • Group video conferencing.
  • Easy pharmacy connects.
User Experience Doctor on Demand has maintained its record from several past years for providing the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

According to the users, this top rated app is very easy to use and provide all facilities on single platform.

Cost The application is free to use.

However, for a 15-minute appointment with the doctor, the cost is $75.

  • AmWell

Amwell is one of the best telehealth apps of the year 2020. It offers convenient medical solutions for acute care, urgent care, pediatrics, and more. Mostly, it has the target audience of people suffering from ailments like headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and other common diseases.

Core Features
  • It is HIPAA Compliant.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Direct Messaging.
  • Pre-filled patient information forms.
User Experience Most users find the experience of using this telehealth app full of convenience.

The best perk of this application is that it has zero connectivity issues and provides a great consultation experience.

Cost This top rated medicine app is free to download and starts with a price of $69 for its services.
  • ChARM Health

ChARM Health is undoubtedly amongst the best telemedicine platforms available in the market. It not only provides the best healthcare services but is also known for its record maintaining capabilities and efficient billing system. This telemedicine platform provider has a userbase of more than 7 million people.

Core Features
  • Self-service portal.
  • Voice recognition for easy usage.
  • Compliance tracking.
  • ONC-ATCB certified.
User Experience ChARM Health offers reliable communication and easy configurations of options with practitioners and staff.

It has a slick user interface that lets you connect with multiple clinics through a single platform.

This top rated app and site has several speciality doctors available.

The application offers a free and a paid plan to the users.

Cost The free plan on this platform has limited access to the services.

Whereas, the flexible plan which is priced at $25/month has unlimited access to all the services.

  • Certintell

Certinell provides adequate medical services from the best healthcare facilities using telehealth technology. The application is one of the top rated telemedicine sites and apps and is HIPAA compliant. They have strong connections with some of the top-level doctors from the US region.

Core Features
  • Easy claims management.
  • Activity dashboard.
  • Multiway video conferencing.
  • Simplistic user interface.
User Experience The users using the Certintell are highly satisfied with its usage.

The application offers a huge variety of features like report management, quick doctor consultations, and many others.

These features are easy to use and make usage of applications easy for old age people.

Cost The application is subscription-based and for the pricing, you need to contact Certintell team directly.

Best Telemedicine Platforms at a Glance

Below is the comparison of the best telemedicine apps 2020 with different features available in them.

Features MDLIVE PlushCare LiveHealth Online Doctor on Demand AmWell ChARM Health Certintell
Search Bar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-App Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
HIPAA Compliance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Automatic Prescriptions Yes No No Yes No No No
Video Conferencing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Doctor Reviews Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Appointment Reminders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Think About the Own Telemedicine Application?

The key features and user journey of the best telehealth apps

The use of telemedicine applications has bought a high level of convenience and comfort to users. This is the prime reason that the demand for such resources has risen extensively.

Developing an application in this niche can be a profitable business in the coming few years. Such apps help serve society and also bring huge benefits for the application makers.

Though developing the best telemedicine app in 2020 can have some challenges. The biggest issues are working with compliance protocols from healthcare authorities. Other than that, there are several UI/UX, data security, and backend challenges.

But if you have the right support of a professional development team, then it becomes easier to overcome such challenges.

Our development team has the required experience and expertise in developing top rated sites and apps of the telehealth industry. Our professionals have successfully delivered numerous projects in the field. They can guide you in the right way of your own telemedicine app development.

How we Develop A Custom Telemedicine App?

Find out how to effectively overcome the development challenges for telemedicine product. (case study included)

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