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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Node JS Developer? 

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Are you a startup founder, tech executive, or serial entrepreneur that wants to know: “How much does it cost to hire a Node.JS developer?”

If yes, then continue reading this article for more information on the steps and processes needed to hire a Node JS developer.

The nitty-gritty of what we’ll discuss in this article entails:

  • Definition of Node JS,
  • Factors that affect the cost of hiring a Node JS developer.
  • Things to consider before choosing a Node JS developer,
  • Where to find Node JS developers,
  • How to choose a preferred developer,
  • Why Ukraine is a top choice for Node JS developers.

Let’s break down each point mentioned above.

What is Node JS?

Node.JS is a cross-platform, open-source, and server-side JavaScript runtime environment that lets developers create high-performance, secure, and scalable web applications.

The platform is event-driven, which makes it suitable for real-time apps with multiple simultaneous connections.

Node.JS is popular as a tool for web servers, microservices, APIs, and web application development.

To know more about this tech stack, let’s discuss some statistics on Node JS jobs:

This picture shows the definition of Node JS

So why should you use Node JS?

What Factors Impact the Hiring Price of a Node.JS Developer?

Numerous factors affect the cost of software development. Chief among these factors are:

  • The complexity of the project,
  • The Node JS developer’s skillset,
  • Location of the development team,
  • Cooperation model.

Let’s discuss each cost-influencing factor.

Cost Defined by the Complexity of the Project

The complexity of the project hugely influences the overall cost of project development as it determines the amount of time needed to create the solution.

Complexity  Description  Example
Simple Project A simple project is one that has a basic design and limited functionality.

These projects typically have a few pages, minimal interactive features, and basic information about the company or individual.

They may also have a contact form or a sign-up form to capture user information.

Medium Project A medium-scale project is one with a combination of minimalist projects, and advanced features that are developable by a mid-level node developer.

Alternatively, they may also have a series of advanced features powered by third-party external APIs

Complex Project A complex project, on the other hand, is one that has specialized and advanced functions.

They require a team of developers and designers to create and maintain and often involve multiple layers of technology, and systems integration.

LinkedIn, PayPal.
The picture shows one of the factors that influences the cost of hiring a Node.JS developer, namely the project complexity

Another influencing factor that affects cost is the developers’ skillset. Let’s delve into that.

Cost Defined by the Skills of the Node JS Developer

Skillset can greatly affect the cost to hire a Node JS developer. Below are some of the key factors that determine the cost of hiring a Node.js developer based on their skillset:

1. Experience.

The demand for experienced developers is high, and the cost to hire a Node JS developer with experience is premium.

Experienced developers have a deep understanding of the best backend infrastructure for your solution, and can code faster–thereby, guaranteeing a quicker time to market.

2. Knowledge of the Interface.

The Node Framework is a very versatile one, and developers with great knowledge of its interface are in high demand.

Such developers can build complex applications that can interface with various systems, making them valuable assets to any development team.

3. Knowledge of API Communication.

Node developers have good knowledge of API communication and can build applications that can communicate effectively with other systems.

This is important as many app features depend on external and internal APIs to function.

4. Knowledge of Node.JS Frameworks.

There are many Node.js frameworks, each with unique characters and benefits.

Developers with experience in multiple Node frameworks can create applications quickly and more efficiently.

5. Experience in Cloud Development.

With the growing demand for cloud applications, node programmers with experience in the cloud are in demand.

This type of developer can create scalable applications that are deployable in the cloud.

This image illustrates one of the factors that influence the cost of hiring a Node.JS developer, namely the skill set of a Node.JS developer

Beyond these, another Node JS developer hiring cost influencing factor to consider is the location of the development team.

Cost Defined by Location

The table below shows how location impact Node JS programmer cost.

Region Average Annual Cost  Hourly Cost 
The USA $115,000 $70-$150
Australia $108,000 $70-$120
The UK $76,000 $70-$120
Western Europe $65,000 $50-$80
Eastern Europe $60,000 $30-50$
Ukraine $55,000 $30-$50
India $40,000 $20-$30

As you can see from above, the cost of hiring a programmer in a specific location is directly proportional to the cost of living in that country.

For example, the cost of living in the USA is 3X the price in Ukraine.

Thus, the cost to hire Ukraine-based Node developers is cheaper than in the USA.

The following image illustrates one of the factors that determine the cost of hiring a Node.JS developer, namely the location

Cost Defined by Cooperation Model

This refers to the price tag expended on hiring a Node JS developer based on a specific work model.

The different cooperation model available that determines the cost to hire a Node JS programmer is:

  • Freelancer,
  • In-house developer,
  • Outsourcing,
  • Outstaffing.

Let’s discuss each.

In-house Developer

An in-house developer is a member of the internal workforce that uses Node JS as a primary tech stack for creating a backend for applications.

You’ll be responsible for all direct and hidden costs associated with hiring this developer.

An example is a Node JS professional on the payroll of Apple Inc to create or manage the company’s iOS system.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of hiring an in-house Node JS expert to properly understand this cooperation model:

Pros Cons
  • You’ll have direct control over their workflow.
  • They’re more likely to align with your work culture, which can help build a stronger and more cohesive team.
  • They’ll feel more loyalty towards your company and are likely to stay long-term.
  • They have good knowledge about your organization’s products, systems, and processes.
  • The total cost of hiring, and maintaining an internal workforce is exorbitant.
  • Lots of time is expended in hiring in-house developers.
  • You can only hire Node JS experts in your geographical area.
  • They offer more project flexibility than other hiring models.

Another cooperation model we’ll consider is freelancing.

Let’s discuss this.


A freelancer is an independent node.js developer that doesn’t work full-time for any organization and handles tasks on a client-to-client basis.

Such programmers often have experience creating a wide range of solutions and can ditch a project for another available one.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons of hiring a freelance node developer:

Pros  Cons
  • Freelancers are less expensive as they require low overhead costs.
  • They’re useful for short-time, one-off projects.
  • They often have in-depth knowledge in a specialized field.
  • Language barrier when cooperating with a freelancer in a different time zone.
  • Inconsistencies in work quality.
  • Other projects may affect their commitments to meet up with sensitive deadlines.

The lack of oversight in hiring a freelancer is a major turn-off to most people considering this business model.

As such, you might want to consider an alternative–out staffing.


Outstaffing refers to the practice of hiring employees to work remotely for a company, but who are legally employed by an external agency or service provider.

That is, a staffing model to temporarily hire employees from another organization to work on your project.

The hired experts here won’t be on your company’s payroll as they’re still employees of a service provider.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of hiring a Node JS developer per our staffing model:

Pros  Cons
  • You’ll save on equipment, office space, and employee benefits.
  • Allows business access skills outside their geographical area.
  • Flexibility to scale workforce due to changes in demands or business needs.
  • Virtual communication between in-house and remote teams leads to delays and miscommunication.
  • Outstaffing poses risk to data security and confidentiality.


Node JS development outsourcing entails partnering with an external company or service provider to perform specified business tasks or functions initially handled by in-house staff.

Here are the pros and cons of outsourcing:

Pros  Cons 
  • Outsourcing from countries like Ukraine reduces labor costs, lower overhead expenses, and increases efficiency.
  • Access to a global pool of talent.
  • Outsourcing technical processes to a software development agency allows you to focus on core business activities.
  • Flexibility to scale workforce up and down at prompt.
  • Less control of developmental processes.
  • Time zone differences and language barriers can cause communication issues.

The cost of outsourcing a node.js developer depends on the location of the software development agency.

For a top-choice destination like Ukraine, the cost of outsourcing ranges between 40,000 and 200,000/year, as against the US which ranges between $100,000 to $500,000/ year.

The illustration below illustrates one of the factors that influence the cost of hiring a Node.JS developer, namely the cooperation model

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Node.JS Developer?

There are some key price influencers to pay attention to hire a Node JS developer.

These points influence their fee and can make it vary widely even if you choose a developer from the same country.

Let’s delve into more details of that.

This image shows the factors to consider when hiring a Node.JS developer

Factor 1. The Complexity of the Software Project

Projects can be split based on complexity into:

  • Small-scale applications,
  • Medium-scale applications,
  • Enterprise-level applications.

Let’s discuss this in more detail.

1. Small-Scale Applications

Small-scale applications are software apps that are relatively simple and have a limited scope.

They typically serve a small number of users and have a short development cycle.

Small-scale applications can be developed by a single developer or a small team of developers and may not require significant ongoing maintenance or updates.

Examples of small-scale applications include simple web apps, mobile apps, and small utilities or tools that perform a specific task.

Albeit Node JS is commonly used for large scalable applications, it’s also effective for creating a small-scale solution.

The cost of creating a small-scale application ranges between $5,000 to $40,000

2. Medium-Scale Applications

Medium-scale applications are software applications that are more complex than small-scale applications and require a larger team of developers to build and maintain.

These applications typically serve a larger number of users and require more features and functionality than small-scale applications.

Medium-scale applications may have a longer development cycle and require ongoing maintenance and updates to keep up with changing user needs.

Examples of medium-scale solutions include e-commerce platforms, social networking sites, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The cost to create a medium-scale solution ranges between $40,000 to $100,000

3. Enterprise-Level Applications

Enterprise-level applications are large and complex software applications that are designed to support the needs of a large organization or business.

These applications typically serve a large number of users across multiple departments or business units and require significant integration with other systems and data sources.

Enterprise-level applications often have a long development cycle and require ongoing maintenance and updates to keep up with changing business requirements.

Common examples of enterprise-level applications that are being powered by Node are Netflix, LinkedIn, and NASA.

Enterprise-level applications cost over $100,000.

This picture shows the complexity factors of a software project

Factor 2. The Seniority of the Developer

The seniority of the developer you’re hiring greatly influences how much they’ll charge. Let’s dig into that:

Types of Developers Knowledge & Tasks Years of Experience Hourly Earnings
Junior Developers Basic understanding of Node.js and JavaScript, able to handle simple programming tasks, such as API development and maintenance, and perform testing and debugging. 0-2 years of experience $30-$50
Middle Developers Solid knowledge of Node.js and JavaScript.

They’re proficient in developing complex web applications, such as e-commerce websites and chat applications.

Experienced in working with databases, security protocols, and server optimization. Able to mentor junior developers.

2-5 years of experience $45-$70
Senior Developers Expert level of knowledge in Node.js and JavaScript, able to design and implement complex architectures and lead development teams.

Experienced in developing large-scale applications and optimizing server performance.

Proficient in multiple technologies and able to contribute to product strategy.

5+ years of experience $60-$150

Note: Hourly earnings are estimated and may vary depending on the location, industry, and company.

This picture shows the factors types of Node.JS developer levels

Now that you’re acquainted with the factors affecting the cost to hire a Node.JS developer, let’s help you with where to find one.

Where to Find Node.JS Developers?

You can hire Node.JS developers both offline and online. Let’s educate you on how to find a Node JS developer:

Find Node.JS Developers Online

Сonsider the following options:

Online Locations Description
GitHub This is a platform for developers to showcase their skills and collaborate on open-source projects.

You can find talented Node JS developers here.

LinkedIn It is a professional networking platform where recruiters can connect with developers, and view their profiles, work experience, and skills.

LinkedIn has 875 million professionals, part of which are Node.JS programmers.

Wellfound A platform that connects startups with job seekers, including developers.

Wellfound currently has over 5 million job seekers.

It offers a curated list of talent, making it easier for recruiters to find qualified candidates.

Upwork A freelance marketplace where recruiters can hire developers for short-term projects or ongoing work.

It has a large pool of Node JS developers available for hire.

What’s more? The platform offers a way to streamline user search

Indeed Indeed aggregates job postings from various sources.

It has a large number of Node JS job openings, making it a great place to find developers.

Online meetups Attending tech conferences and meetups is a great way to connect with Node JS developers and build relationships with them.
This image shows the options for hiring Node.JS developers

To Find Node.JS Developers Offline

Here are ways to search for Node.JS developers offline:

  • Referrals:

Reach out to your professional network or industry contacts to ask for referrals for Node JS developers.

They may know someone who is a good fit for your job opening. Using referrals increases the rate of effective hiring by 40%, thus, consider this.

  • Attend physical industry events:

Attend tech-based events, hackathons, or meetups in your local area to meet Node JS developers in person.

You can network with attendees and see their work first-hand.

When you find Node.JS developers, how do you choose the most ideal one for your organization?

How to Choose a Preferred Node.JS Developer?

Before you choose a node JS programmer, ensure you vet them for the following. This is particularly important for senior-level developers.

Here are some ways to hire a Node JS programmer:

Methods  Description 
Test task You can evaluate a developer’s skills and understanding of Node JS by providing them with a test task.

This can be a small project or a specific coding challenge that allows you to assess their proficiency in Node JS and their problem-solving skills.

Feedback and cases It is always important to review the feedback and cases of the developer you are considering.

This will give you an idea of their work experience.

You can also ask for case studies or references from their previous clients or employers to get a more detailed understanding of their work ethics and performance.

Recommendations from clients If you have colleagues, friends, or business partners who have worked with a Node JS developer before, you can ask them for recommendations.

It is a valuable source of information as you can get first-hand feedback from people who have worked with the developer before.

The number of successful projects Projects a Node JS developer has worked on are also important factors to consider.

A developer who has worked on multiple successful projects is likely to have the necessary skills and experience to deliver quality work.

This image shows how to hire a Node JS programmer

Now that you know where, and how to choose a Node.JS developer, let us educate you on why we think hiring from Ukraine is the best option.

Why is Ukraine One of the Best Options?

When it comes to software development outsourcing, Ukraine has some of the largest concentrations of programmers.

Per LinkedIn search results, there are over 23,000 Node.JS developers in the country.

Also, a survey and DOU on the most trusted developers’ survey, Node JS is the most used programming language.

Hundreds of software creation companies in Ukraine offer Node.JS development services.

These vendors assist clients across all industries and in every region of the world.


The cost to hire node JS developers is greatly influenced by several factors such as the project’s complexity, the seniority of the programmers, the location of the development team, and the preferred cooperation model.

In this article, we’ve touched on numerous aspects you should know before you hire a Node JS developer.

Let us help you cut to the chase and hire Node JS developers at a prompt.

Interested in Hiring a Node JS Developer?

At Spdload, we’re a seasoned outsourcing provider and you can hire a Node JS developer from our large pool of programmers with decades of experience creating simple, and enterprise-level solutions.

Doubt our expertise?

Then go through testimonials from clients on our Cluth page. You can also check our portfolio for a sneak-peak into our past projects.

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