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22 Startup Ideas to Start Profitable Business in 2023

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Looking for inspiration to get your own startup ideas?

Working for yourself and being your own boss is incredibly rewarding and comes with multiple benefits. However, starting up can be risky and tiresome. That’s why we’ve created a list of over 20 up-and-coming startup ideas to get you inspired and build an MVP asap.

Let’s start with how you can come up with your own startup ideas!

3 Ways on How to Come Up With Startup Ideas

There are three basic ways of coming up with a startup idea.

Having a Sudden Idea

This idea is like an epiphany you have when you least expect it.

You’re in the shower or on your commute to work and it suddenly hits you, like a secret part of your brain had been developing for ages. You can’t believe you’re the only one to have that idea! You start developing it in your head, fleshing your idea out.

Sadly, with these types of ideas you’ll figure that your idea ends up fitting in one of these two options:

  1. Someone is already doing it in the best version possible
  2. No one is doing it and for a good reason

Still, every now and then people still have a sudden stroke of genius, so don’t give up on all of your ideas until you know for a fact they can’t be developed!

Developing an Improvement Idea

This idea happens when you’re already working on something and realize there’s a better way of doing things. You figure out what’s missing or how you could improve a process or service.

Unlike the sudden idea, these ideas tend to work better, because they’re based on experience and observation, even if that happens without you realizing it!

Embrace these ideas and refine them with the knowledge gained from business online courses to maximize their impact and success potential.

Continuous learning through business online courses can provide you with the tools and insights to develop and execute these ideas effectively, turning them into valuable assets for your business.

Actively Looking for a New Idea

Unlike the first two, which are almost accidental ideas, here you actively look for a new business idea. You research and prioritize ideas based on your knowledge and learnings. You may already have a slight idea of what you’d like to do, but you’re driven by your entrepreneurial desires, and not by a sudden stroke of genius.

Believe it or not, these ideas are the ones that tend to work out the best.


Because you’re taking your time to learn new skills and getting to know yourself and the market. All you need to do is to properly develop your idea, work on your pitch desk skills and launch your MVP.

That’s why we gathered a list of the best ideas you can develop in 2023.

We’ve also listed a couple of ideas that require some development resources. But, no worries, if you’re not an engineer. There are easy and cheap ways to outsource web development.

Best Startup Ideas 2023

Here we’ll show you the best ideas for 2023 along with the Google Trends data so you can see the growing market for them.

9 Easy and Cheap Startup Business Ideas

Let’s start with the easiest and cheapest startup ideas:

1. ClickBank Online Courses

The picture shows the statistics of ClickBank online courses

The Internet is our new way to learn. Anything we don’t know, we look up on Google. However, not every query can be answered with just a Google search.

ClickBank offers you an affiliate platform to sell other people’s courses, or even your own! You can start creating a free account and promoting a few courses on Facebook to start selling.

Once you’ve sold a few, you can pay $50 to start a vendor account, where you can create an ebook with ato upload so other people can also sell your content.

All you need to do is to research a topic, preferably a topic you know well, and write it in a way to properly communicate your message.

After that, ClickBank charges a dollar plus 7.5% of each sale. You decide the percentage you’d like to give to your affiliates and the price of your course.

ClickBank is an amazing way of developing your own stream of passive income.

2. SEO Expert Business

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for SEO Expert Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a basic part of business development. And with more and more online businesses popping up, more people need to know how to optimize their website.

An SEO expert can optimize a website and promote it through content marketing so it starts receiving more and more organic views in a few months. Learning how to optimize a website is an incredibly profitable skill.

3. Starting an Intermittent Fasting Blog

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for creating a blog about intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a new type of diet where people fast for a particular amount of time, from a few hours to several days. Although there have been so many new diets and trends, this one seems to be gaining the most amount of constant attention.

You can monetize your blog by placing ads, selling supplements with affiliate marketing and promoting brands!

4. Virtual Assistant Services

The picture shows the statistics of virtual assistant service ideas

Are you a naturally organized person? If so, you can offer virtual assistant services. More and more people are looking for virtual assistants to handle what they can’t and organize their lives.

Online assistants usually make their own hours, get to know and work for important people and build up their network very quickly.

5. Beard Oil

The picture shows statistics of beard oil ideas

The beard oil market is competitive but there’s a growing demand. You can set up a small Shopify store to dropship beard oils and other men grooming products.

All you need to do is to start buying them yourself, find out which ones offer the best value and get professional photos taken to create a landing page. But only setting up a landing page isn’t enough. You also have to optimize it for lead generation.

Once your website is finished, you can promote it through email marketing and by establishing a strong online presence with the help of good influencers.

6. Language Translator

The picture shows the statistics of ideas and language translator

Google translate is still far from reliable. In a world that’s more connected every day, translators are still in high demand.

Start to look for translator gigs in online platforms and, once you’ve developed your skills, move up to blogs and ask them if they’d like to reach a whole new demographic.

7. Digital Marketer

The picture shows the statistics of digital marketer ideas

Digital marketing has almost completely replaced offline marketing. However, the basis remains pretty simple: use ads to get views.

You can start learning online marketing in places like Skillshare or even YouTube to familiarize yourself with things like the customer journey, the analytics and the different marketing streams. Once you’re ready, start with small brands to slowly build your portfolio and reputation.

8. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is a straightforward business model that includes buying products from big box stores at a discount and then reselling them at places like Ebay or Amazon with a markup. It’s a great business model for someone looking to get started with very little cash and although there are nuances to the business model, it’s attainable for everyone. To learn more about it, you can check out this guide on Retail Arbitrage that explores the business model in-depth.

9. Creating an Online Booking System

Creating a multi-vendor booking system is one of the perfect options for a startup idea. A multi-vendor booking system, Booknetic SaaS enables users to offer their customers a wide range of services with customized features. It provides customers with an easy way to book appointments and services online.

Once you set up the Booknetic SaaS, you can create a pricing table for your platform. Also, it is possible to create plans with the desired permissions/limitations. Tenants will register on the platform and choose and subscribe to their desired package. Then, tenants will be charged monthly or annually based on their choice.

7 Online Business Startup Ideas

Being your own boss is great, but owning your own business is even better. Here are a few ideas of things you can sell and services you can provide as a startup in 2023:

1. Reusable Bags

The picture shows statistics of ideas for starting an online business, namely reusable bags

More than a dozen nations have banned the use of plastic bags. That’s why more and more people are starting to look into reusable bags as an option.

You can develop an eco-friendly brand and start selling canvas bags. To sell them, you can make your own designs and upload them to Printful to let them handle the production as you make your own Shopify or Etsy store. 457 million people bought items from sellers on Shopify in 2022, up from 300 million in 2019.

You can also start a dropshipping business finding and reselling bags produced elsewhere.

The best part? You’ll be helping the environment!

2. VR Arcade

The picture shows statistics of ideas for starting a business on the Internet, namely VR Arcade

VR arcades are just starting to show up and, although the technology isn’t perfect yet, it will keep evolving.

Virtual reality is a fun, futuristic idea that we will definitely start to see everywhere and, although the investment is a bit steep, it can definitely pay off.

3. 3D Printing and Designing

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for starting a business on the Internet, namely 3D printing and design

3D printing started from a very niche and expensive endeavor to a revolutionary technology useful for many areas. Few people can resist seeing their idea modeled, developed, printed and shipped to them as a fully finished piece.

Start by learning how to model and getting a couple of cheap 3d printers. You can start offering your services and reinvest the money in bigger, better and more expensive printers.

Develop a good online presence and all you’ll need to do is to print the pieces and send them to their address. With the right approach, you can give a worldwide service!

4. Mobile Pet Grooming

The picture shows statistics of ideas for starting an online business, namely mobile pet grooming

People are buying and adopting pets more than ever. However, bathing and grooming a dog or a cat is a tiresome task and not a lot of people have the time to drop their pets somewhere and pick them up later. A lot of people would prefer being able to see how their pets are being treated too.

The solution? Mobile pet grooming. With a proper website and a fairly good social media presence, you’ll be able to start generating money while keeping people’s pets groomed and pretty.

5. Podcast Networks

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for starting a business on the Internet, namely a podcast network

Fewer and fewer people are listening to the radio because of all the variety of podcasts online. Many podcasters create an audience but don’t have the time or resources to handle their sponsorship options.

You can create a podcast network to let the podcasters produce the content while you negotiate with sponsors and find new ones. Most networks only charge a percentage of the profit and, if you have enough podcasts, you can make more through percentages than several podcasts combined!

6. Raw Dog Food

The picture shows statistics of ideas for starting an online business, namely raw dog food

Everyone wants what’s best for their pets. Since cheap dog food is so low quality, people are turning to raw dog food as an alternative.

With a growing market comes a growing business. You can start finding a manufacturer that already produces raw dog food and can produce what you’re looking for. Develop food for specific needs, like allergies and weight, and start growing your presence.

Pay very close attention to your ingredients and make sure you’re offering the best value.

7. Carpet Cleaning

The picture shows statistics of ideas for starting an online business, namely carpet cleaning

Carpets and rugs have always had a place in our homes. However, cleaning them isn’t always as simple as swiping the floor. They gather dust and the stains can be hard to remove.

You can take advantage of the rising online generation by creating a website where people can book appointments online to get their carpets cleaned.

If you can’t afford to buy the equipment right away, you can rent it and hire a small team to clean carpets as quickly as possible during the weekends. Once you make a profit you can transition your startup from a small side job into a full-time business.

7 App Startup Ideas

You might think that apps are a thing of 2010 but you’re miles out. Make money with free apps can be still a great idea if you work on the right project.

1. Meditation App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely a meditation app

Lately, we’ve been seeing a trend of meditation as a common practice. It seems like most people, from yoga enthusiasts to psychiatrists are starting to recommend it. However, meditation isn’t always easy.

You can capitalize on this need by creating an app developed exclusively for those starting to meditate to help them meditate for longer periods. All you need are soothing sounds and a timer!

2. Medical App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely a medical app

With the surge of neural networks and advanced machine learning, along with smartwatches that measure steps, temperature and heart rate, people are looking for medical advice in their own smartphones.

You can use this data to develop an app as simple as a reminder of which medicines to take when, to an advanced, integral app that monitors the user’s health 24/7.

You can help users organize their sleep patterns, remind them to take their steps, calculate their caloric intake and much more!

3. Video-Editing App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely a video editing app

With the dramatic increase in computing power in our smartphones, more people are looking to use them to edit their own videos for social media. After all, why would you want to send the video you took from your phone to your computer?

As long as you can make it responsive, attractive and easy to use, you can capitalize on this trend with a video editor app.

4. Pregnancy App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely an app for pregnant women

Pregnancy apps help visualize how the baby looks like, keep the mother informed on the baby’s development and answer common pregnancy questions.

Although your app may only be usable for up to nine months, you can expand it to help mothers take care of their newborn babies too!

5. Referral App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely referral app

No one likes ads. However, things are different with referral apps. Referral apps come down to apps made to promote other apps. Users gain money to see those ads. It’s simple, and can be extremely profitable.

Swagbucks has paid over 350 million dollars in cash and prizes to its users. If you make a good referral app, people will download it just to see ads. Everybody wins!

6. Scanner App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching an app, namely scanner app

Scanner apps allow you to scan a document directly with your phone and save it as a PDF or a JPEG. Although scanners are not expensive, nothing beats free! All you need is access to their camera and to develop a good stabilization software.

7. Scheduling App

The picture shows the statistics of ideas for launching the program, namely the planning program

Who still uses physical planners anymore? Scheduling, calendar and to-do list apps are simple yet very useful.

Help people replace their planners with a scheduling app that syncs with the rest of their apps, sets reminders and it’s easy to use.


Irrespective of what niche you choose, remember that people love stories, not facts. If your storytelling skills leave much to be desired, consider asking Supreme Dissertations for help.

Which one are you starting with?



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