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Key Hosting Facts You Need to Know in 2021

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An amazing website, insightful content, attractive graphics, but nil traffic? Well, poor web hosting might be your enemy.

You can have a great website but if you don’t have an efficient host, you lose all your customers sooner than you can expect.

So, why should you bother with good web hosting?

Better web hosting serves as the foundation for your online business. Your web hosting is responsible for keeping the software up-to-date, providing backup, maintaining uptime speed, and much more. Hence, knowing about it and making the right choice makes all the difference.

We have compiled a list of key hosting facts you need to know in 2021 before creating your ideal website.

Let’s see how the web hosting world is affecting the entire internet landscape!

1. The Global Trend of Web Hosting

While Asia accounts for the majority of the internet population, North America plays a key role in providing the majority of the web hosts. According to HostAdvice, the US leads the market share by providing over 58% of the web hosting services available.

According to a report from Grandview research, The value of the web hosting market was $56.7 billion in 2019. The significant size of the market can also be ascertained from the fact that the industry started with 4 hosts in 1969 but has reached the figure of over 126 million hosts by 2019.

2.The Growth of the Web Hosting Industry

The pace at which the web hosting industry is growing isn’t showing any signs of stagnation in the near future. According to Grandview research, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a new outlook to businesses. Global businesses now prefer to shift their operations and processes online.

The forecasted growth of this industry is expected to be over $170 billion by 2027.

According to Allied Market Research, Managed VPS is expected to grow with the best annual growth rate from 2019 to 2026.

3. Top Web Hosting Providers in Terms of Number of Websites

When it comes to web hosting companies based on the number of hosted websites, GoDaddy has established itself as a clear market dominator.

According to HostAdvice, GoDaddy has covered over 19% of the market, leaving a not-so-significant market share to other hosting providers such as Google Cloud Platform, 1&1, Amazon Web Services, and Cloudflare.

GoDaddy has also established itself as the most popular web host provider in the US.

Source: Firstsiteguide

4. Popular VPS Web Hosting Providers

If you’re looking for a popular VPS web hosting provider for your website, these stats will guide your decision.

According to Builtwith, GoDaddy has also managed to become a world dominator when it comes to providing VPS web hosting. GoDaddy’s market share in this segment counts for over 23%, whereas its closest competitors such as DreamHost and Digital Ocean cover 1.46% and 1.23% of the market share, respectively.

5. Popular WordPress Hosting Providers

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching web hosts, you would’ve come across the fact that over 30% of the websites run on WordPress.

Creating a website without coding has become an absolute fan-favorite when it comes to starting your website. More and more businesses are opting for WordPress hosting as a CMS, especially for eCommerce and blogging.

So, the next time you’re brainstorming some website ideas for your online business, make sure you consider WordPress hosting for the ease of starting an online business.

Coming back to the popular WordPress hosting provider, BuiltWith estimates that Bluehost is responsible for almost 2 million WordPress websites on the internet; with WordPress Alternatives like Automattic and DreamHost managing to grab second and third place, respectively.

6. The Pricing

The aforementioned statistics provide a brief understanding of the extreme competition prevalent in the web hosting industry. Further insight can be gained from the fact that these companies offer tempting discounted deals to attract new customers.

While you can surely take advantage of the free web hosting services available online, the average price for shared hosting is around $3-10 per month.

For a trustworthy VPS server, you have to pay somewhere in the range of $30-35 per month. Depending on the complexity or simplicity of your business website, you’ve to choose the right plan for your website.

Source: Codeimwp

Needless to say, apart from spending on web hosting, you’ll also have to pay for the domain, content, branding, and other aspects of setting up an online business. So make your decision of choosing the right web host wisely.

7. Popular Website Builder Software

Choosing the right software for your business can be a daunting task, the same is true for choosing a website builder software. With so many options available, it’s tough to choose the best one. The stats below will help you paint a clearer picture.

According to BuiltWith, Wix (started in 2006) has covered the majority market share, over 31%. It has been providing its services to over 3.8 million websites on the internet.

The next positions are occupied by Squarespace, Shopify, Automattic, and Weebly in the same order.

If you’re looking to set up your eCommerce store, there might not be many effective Shopify Alternatives in the industry. Shopify has managed to set up more than 1.4 million websites on the internet which covers over 13% of the market share.

Quite Impressive!

It’s safe to say that both Wix and Shopify have managed to establish themselves as the most popular choices with their different specialties for people looking to start their online store. These eCommerce website builders combined with the power of eCommerce tools will shape the future of online shopping.

8. Popular Shared Web Hosting Providers

In a research article by Statista, the size of the shared web hosting market has increased significantly. From over $7.7 billion in 2010 to over $22 billion in 2020, it has been gaining a lot of popularity globally.

For the most popular shared web hosting provider, according to BuiltWith, GoDaddy has again dominated this market. It counts for over 44 million websites on the internet. GoDaddy is followed by 1&1 and Namecheap with over 9 million and 4.4 million websites, respectively.

9. Web Hosting Providers and Data Centers

Data Centers are called the backbone of the internet. They are so often the missing piece one is looking for in the web hosts but there is a sudden decline in the spendings on such data centers.

One of the main reasons for such a decline in the popularity of data centers is the inclination towards the cloud. Nevertheless, the web host with the most number of data centers is GoDaddy. It has more than 37,000 servers located all around the world. (Data Center Knowledge)

GoDaddy is followed by Cloudflare, Google, Ionos, and Amazon.

10. The Future

Technological advancement is bringing all the positives in the web hosting environment.

While the speed of the internet is still accelerating, over 60% of the traffic on the internet is derived from smartphones. The technology has even given physical businesses a chance to write the rules for customer engagement through the means of the internet.

As we mentioned the growing popularity of the cloud, IDC estimates that almost half of the world’s data will reside in the public cloud by 2025.

DIY website builders are also subject to become an industry worth over $13 billion by 2025.

11. Other Key Facts

  • According to the Hosting Tribunal, there are over 330,000 web hosting providers available in the market.
  • According to Optimizely, a 4-second deferral while opening a landing page can lead to an overall loss of over 11% of the online visits. Further, a 20-second loading time can bring about a 44% loss in terms of online visits.
  • With 500 new blogs added on WordPress each day, WordPress is considered the best CMS hosting service.
  • Joomla occupies the second spot as the most popular CMS hosting service.
  • According to SWZD, companies will spend 9% of their tech budget on hosting solutions.
  • According to the Hosting Tribunal, an average of 900,000 domains are registered every week.


The importance of the key hosting solution can be ascertained from the fact that slow loading websites result in a loss of over $500 million each year to the US economy.

Were the above stated key facts an eye-opener?

To create an optimized business strategy, it becomes important for you to go hand-in-hand with the trends in this industry. Hopefully, these statistics have brought a clear picture in your find with respect to hosting solutions in 2021.

Happy hosting!

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