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How Much Does It Cost to Build a WordPress Website?

Max Babych

Max Babych


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Are you a startup founder, business owner, or CMO wondering how much it costs to build a custom WordPress website in 2024?

If so, you’re in the right place! 

This article will cover:

  • What is a custom WordPress website
  • The cost to custom develop a WordPress site
  • Real-world examples and case studies of custom WordPress websites
  • Key factors that impact WordPress development costs
  • How to choose a reliable web dev team
  • And more

If you prefer visuals, feel free to jump ahead to our infographic.

We’ll break down the points above into clear, actionable advice on custom WordPress website costs. 

Let’s get started!

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What is a Custom WordPress Website?

Custom WordPress web development involves the process of designing and building a site on the WordPress platform with a company’s needs in mind, using free or premium themes and templates.

This definition can be quite confusing for non-technical founders who are only familiar with WordPress template sites and can be written on open source core.

So let’s break down this definition in more detail:

Template-based website Custom WordPress website
WordPress is a website design platform that allows anyone to run a website using a ready-made template, and various WordPress plugins.

However, functionality and customization will be limited to the design.

An example is the website of the UK government’s official archive – The National Archives.

However, custom WordPress web development involves both custom design and custom functionality.

In more technical terms, with customization, you can place a custom design on the frontend and use WordPress as the backend to implement complex and unique functionality.

Example is spdload.com

Take a look at some custom WordPress sites:

  • Spdload
  • CNN
  • The Cool Club
  • Techcrunch
This picture what does a custom WordPress mean in the context of a website development

I hope we now have the same understanding of what a custom WP site is.

Let’s see how much it might cost to develop a custom WordPress site from scratch.

How Much Does a Custom WordPress Website Cost?

The price of custom WordPress web development ranges from $5000 to $30,000. The exact cost is dependent on varying factors, among which the most noteworthy are:

  • The complexity of the website
  • The type of team
  • The location of the team

But note that different stages of custom website creation cost differently.

For example, the price of website design is around 10% of the overall web development cost. Meanwhile, the marketing could cost x2-x3 more than the annual development budget.

Let’s consider each factor separately.

Cost Based on Website Complexity

The complexity of a website is a set of user roles, entities, functions, and their relationships in the management system.

Simply put, the more use cases your platform covers, the more complex it is. It goes without saying that complex websites require more development resources.

For example, you need a healthcare website to book patient appointments. In that case, you will need integrations with the calendar and EHR.

And if you have a website for selling auto parts, you’ll need integration with eCommerce plugins and CRM.

As an example, consider a website that takes 160 hours or 1 month to create.

Let’s take a look at the price of building a custom WordPress website with a few examples of complexity.

Complexity Level Cost, $
Basic 5500
Average 10,000
Complex 25,000
The illustration shows the cost of a custom WordPress site development, depending on the complexity of the site

We will discuss the details of each complexity level later. Now, let’s focus on further cost breakdown by the type of team.

Cost Based on Development Team

Let’s take a look at how much it costs to create a custom WP website with different teams using the same example as in the previous subheading.

Type of Team Cost, $
In-house, the US 18,000
The local development company, the US 25,000
Freelance 3500
Outsource in Ukraine 10,000

The location of your preferred team also influences the cost of your design.

Cost Based on Team Location

The location of your team is a huge determinant of your development cost. For example, custom WordPress web development in Eastern Europe is $5500, while the same platform in the USA costs $25,000.

Below is a more descriptive spreadsheet of costs defined by the team’s location.

Country Cost, $
Australia 20,000
The USA 30,000
The UK 25,000
Western Europe 18,000
Eastern Europe 10,000
South Asia 5000
This picture describes the cost of a bespoke WordPress website development, depending on the type and location of the team

Now that you’re aware of the WordPress custom website cost, let’s elucidate three WordPress cost examples.

Types and Case Studies of Custom WordPress Websites

To better understand what a WordPress website entails, we’ll consider three case studies of successful WP sites.

SMB Website – Spdload.com Case Study

Spdload.com is a typical corporate website, which tells about the services of the company and serves as an entry point for inbound leads.

To create the site, we used a “blank” template in WordPress, in which we inserted a completely custom design. The sitemap consists of:

  • Homepage
  • Block of service pages
  • Block of case studies
  • Blog
  • Block with custom-coded calculators
  • Contact us page

As data from the company’s profile on CrunchBase suggests, the website at the time of writing this article, spdload.com, enjoys 32,664 monthly visits. This is a notable number for a B2B software development company.

The average WordPress custom website cost like spdload.com is between $15,000 to $20,000. The exact price here will depend on the level of detail in your design.

Read our guide for more information about SMB website costs and the factors affecting them.

The illustration shows the cost of a corporate website on a WordPress engine, using spdload.com as an example

Blog Website – 99.adobe.com Case Study

99U is Adobe’s blog or career resource site with articles that can help creatives bring their ideas to life and supercharge their work for more effectiveness.

The website hosts digital publications with stories about notable creatives. It also has guides, and tips for having a great work-life balance.

Beyond a platform for educational articles, it also sheds information about the annual Adobe 99U conference. Information provided on the platform’s Crunchbase profile shows that the company currently enjoys an average of 4,482 monthly visits.

The key features of a blog website like this include:

  •  A well-organized category bar
  • Easy-to-navigate menu
  • Commenting system
  • Blog post archive
  • Visible search box

The cost of developing this type of website ranges from $5000 to $10,000.

Illustration shows the cost of a blog website, using a website like 99.adobe.com as an example

E-Commerce Website – The Cool Club Case Study

The Cool Club is an eCommerce platform that sells aesthetically stunning wall arts and card games.

The platform aims to be a site for creative minds to earn money from their creations. On the other hand, interested visitors can enjoy unfiltered access to some of the most distinctive works of art ever launched.

Cool’s Club is channeled to enable the driven community of gifted creative people to do things differently and for the greater good.

The Cool Club’s website is intuitively designed to uplift the whole brand of the founders and complement their ultimate goals.

The Key Features of The Cool Club:

  • Home page and product listing
  • Registration and profile creation
  • Product cart
  • One-click purchase
  • Category page
  • Payment methods integration

The average cost of developing this eCommerce website ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

Illustration shows the cost of an e-commerce WP website, using The Cool Club e-commerce website as an example

Now it’s time to go into more detail about pricing.

3 Key Factors That Determine Custom WordPress Website Cost

The cost of a custom WordPress website depends on many factors. These factors influence the price irrespective of location and team type. They are:

  • The difficulty experienced in development
  • The maintenance of the website
  • The marketing of the site

We’ll discuss each of these factors to enable you to have a realistic cost idea of your prospective project:

1. Factor 1: Website Complexity

The definition of complexity, pertaining to web development, can also mean the level of predictiveness in the workflow for creating a new website.

What do we mean by this?

Before developing a website, web developers need to understand the nitty-gritty of the website structure and required features before embarking on it. However, some unique websites are highly complex.

Thus, developers have to figure out many things in the course of the task. In some instances, developers have to acquire deeper knowledge of new tech stacks to guarantee the ideal deliverable.

Websites with basic functionalities cost far less than complex multi-integrational sites with multiple features.

Let’s discuss the types of website complexity that are available.

Basic Complexity

These are often websites built to pass information to viewers and sometimes get a little information from them.

Differentiating this website from others can be somewhat difficult for a non-technical person, as such, we’ll help clarify better using a non-blog site.

A notable example of a website that falls within this category is harbottle.com and the cost of building a similar one ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. Basic sites like this are often not more than 15 pages long, with primary features like:

  • A homepage
  • Service pages
  • A blog
  • Contact us

The time frame for developing this WP platform takes up to two months.

The illustration shows factors that determines the cost of creating a bespoke WordPress site at the basic complexity level.

Average Complexity

These are websites built to pass information to users and have several functionalities that can help them carry out some actions to attain desired goals.  It costs $30,000 – $80,000 to develop a website of average complexity.

Building a website of this complexity requires a project manager, UI/UX designer, 2 QA testers, a WordPress developer, and a marketing team: link builders, copywriters, and SEO manager.

The completion time for a WordPress-based site of average complexity is about 3 months.

The illustration shows factors that determines the cost of creating a tailored WordPress site at the average complexity level.

Difficult Complexity

Custom WordPress sites on this complexity level require robust design, higher infrastructure, a deep knowledge of the web builder’s framework, and multiple functionalities.

The average cost of building this type of website ranges from $30,000 to $60,000.

Due to its complexity, it requires a large development team that entails a WordPress developer; a UI/UX designer; a project manager, a QA tester; and DevOps.

However, you’ll need team members to be in multiple for a custom WP site with high complexity. For example, 2 WP developers.

Since it’ll have more features than other complexity types, the cost and time needed to develop the product will be high. The estimated time needed here ranges from 6 to 12 months.

The illustration shows factors that determines the cost of creating a feature-rich and large WordPress site.

2. Factor 2: Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance costs for highly complex WP sites can be at par with the development cost. Some factors that determine maintenance costs are:

  • Hosting
  • Domain name
  • SSL certificate
  • Additional file storage
  • The maintenance team

Let’s help you understand how each factor affects maintenance costs.


A hosting platform helps you store your online data, ensuring that your page visitors access the information on your website at all times.

Hosting your site online requires paying a hosting platform to have your solution on air. Some examples of common hosting platforms are WebHost, DreamHost, Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

The average cost of hosting a WP site ranges between $24 to $10,000 yearly. Your WordPress hosting price depends on your needs, which are influenced by website traffic, bandwidth requirements, and data size.

Domain Name

The domain here refers to your website’s address that prospective web visitors can type in the browser’s URL. A typical example here is spdload.com.

It’s worthy of note that the website’s address is a part of your branding. Also, the right domain name address can aid your SEO campaign, driving more traffic to your site. For example, loan.com helps to complement the SEO campaign of a loan issuing agency.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate, an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Locker, is a security maker that validates the authenticity of a website and helps to keep sensitive information encrypted. This certificate aims at protecting your site’s data and those inputted by users from the prying eyes of hackers.

This feature is particularly important for websites where users are required to enter credit card information or other financial details. Thus, eCommerce WP-based sites in particular must have an SSL certificate.

The cost of purchasing an SSL certificate can be as little as $10 or as expensive as $15,000. The exact price for an SSL certificate depends on the reputation of the certificate authority and the validation process.

Additional File Storage

The size of your hosting platform depends on your online presence and the data on your website. As you keep uploading information to your website, you may need additional file storage from your web hosting platform.

The cost of getting top-of-the-line dedicated web storage ranges from $100-$300 monthly.

The Maintenance Team

The constituent of your maintenance team is largely dependent on your website’s traffic and the purpose it serves.

A typical team constituent of a robust WP-based maintenance team is:

  • WP developer
  • QA tester
  • DevOps engineer
  • Project manager

However, you may outsource web development to a dedicated development team rather than hire these professionals. Doing so gives you top-notch WP maintenance expertise at a fair price.

Here you can find "hidden" factors, that impact the cost of a custom WP web development - a website maintenance.

The last cost-defining factor to consider is the team’s marketing activities. Let’s consider this in detail:

3. Factor 3: Marketing Needs

It’s a common misconception for founders to underplay the importance of marketing.

Albeit, marketing is not a required activity to build a WP-based site. But if you want your site known to a target audience, then some form of web marketing is inevitable.

However, If you see marketing at the crux of attaining your goals, then you might want to consider majoring in SEO. This is because WP is extremely SEO-friendly and will get great returns on investment for your campaign.

Let’s discuss this a bit.

SEO for Custom WP site

SEO and web design costs are intrinsically connected.

Search engine optimization helps to improve the site’s infrastructure, to ensure top-notch SERPs and easy crawling.

Some technical SEO aspects to consider right in the website development process are:

  • Page speed
  • Robots.txt
  • Data structuring
  • Site navigation
  • XML sitemaps

The data structure and sitemap are dependent on the website’s architectural structure. On the other hand, the site’s speed depends on the design, the number of animations, and the speed of the website.

Once this is properly ensured in the site’s development process, the SEO manager then performs continuum tasks to bring consistent inbound links.

The continuing actions here are:

  • Content making
  • Link building

Let’s dwell on this briefly as they’re quite important:

Continuous SEO Activity  Description
Content Making Content making, as it relates to SEO, is practically creating keyword-rich articles with alt-texts, captivating images, and on-page SEO.

This strategy works because google crawlers target good, SEO-rich, and well-designed sites. Thus, they tend to rank them higher.

Although great content appeals to page viewers, you need great SEO to make users see your page.

Link Building Another effective strategy used in SEO is link building. This strategy entails linking articles and blogs to your site.

Sites with multiple links leading to their pages regularly rank better than others.


Here you can find "hidden" factors, that impact the cost of a custom WP web development - a website marketing.Now that you understand the WordPress custom website cost, how do you choose a team that’ll execute your idea?

Let’s discuss that right now.

How to Choose a Reliable Web Development Team?

Finding an ideal development team for your custom WP website can be time-consuming. However, there’s a way to go about this.

  1. Know the team you need.
  2. Surf through the team’s portfolio and website.
  3. Read reviews from past clients.
  4. Go through the platforms and accounts they Own.
The illustration shows factors to consider before hiring a WP development team

Feeling Informed enough about the cost of developing a custom WP site? Let’s help you get started.

Want to Develop a Custom WP Site?

If you want to develop your high-performing WP site, the next step is connecting with a web dev partner you can trust.

Spdload has over 10 years of experience building custom WordPress sites, apps, and web platforms for startups and businesses worldwide.

Browse our portfolio of over 50 WordPress case studies – and let’s discuss your goals and budget to decide if we’re the right fit.

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Bonus Infographic

Here is a summary of our in-depth guide. Learn the highlights, that affect the cost of developing your own WordPress site.

This infographic shows the key points that affect the cost of developing your own WordPress website

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