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This App is fundamentally changing retail. A startup offers a new phygital customer experience for offline marketplaces.

The startup was conceived as a cheap but working alternative to Amazon Go. This product is built around the technology of instant payments using QR codes.

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Initial request

The customer had detailed business requirements.

He was looking for a team with experience in creating products from scratch. The customer was interested in the development of custom technical solutions in a rapid way.

SpdLoad team provided expertise in the creation of a market-driven MVP. It helped us adapt technical solutions to business requirements and implement a customer's vision into a live product.

Project goals

  • Create a custom retail-focused payment based on a bank merchant account.
  • Develop a custom QR code scanner.
  • Build a complex database to track the statuses of a large number of products.
  • Design User Experience for smooth payments in two clicks.

How does the app work?

There are two roles in the application: Keeper and Buyer.

  • Keeper

    A keeper is a person who serves points of sale: he fills with goods and gives out perfect purchases.

  • Buyer

    A buyer is a person who makes purchases through the Smartpolka payment system.

  • Step 1
    step 1
  • Step 2
    step 2
  • Step 3 step 3

Project key factors

  • Founder

    A top manager in an enterprise-size company, a serial entrepreneur with strong expertise in the retail

  • Location


  • Stage

    Startup from scratch

Project scope of work

6 months

  • Business Analyst
  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • QA Tester
  • Project Manager

The main solution

The main challenge of the product is the development of a custom payment module. It provides a new pattern of behavior in offline commerce.

During the development process, we successfully solved the problems with:

  • Creating a complex database architecture that allows you to work with an unlimited number of goods and outlets;
  • Connecting the payment module to cash registers;
  • Connecting the system to tax accounts;
  • Development of a custom QR code scanner;
  • Creating an online payment flow using a bank merchant account;
  • Integration of QR code scanner and own payment system.


  • React

  • React Native

  • Laravel

Dmitriy Sosunov

Their team’s work led to a working app that’s begun generating its first sales already in nine locations. Collaborating with SpdLoad was issue-free thanks to their ability to provide frequent status updates and willingness to fix issues and make everything work properly.

Dmitriy Sosunov
Founder of Smartpolka


  • We rapidly developed and launch an application in the App Store and Google Play. There were issues with moderation, as both platforms provide specific requirements for developers.
  • We created the custom fast payment system from scratch. It was a complex task with plenty number of pitfalls. In other words, we created the real alternative of Amazon Go for small businesses low cost.
  • The final version of MVP was a bug-free quick payment app, that allows us to test business hypotheses to find product/market fit in a fast and risk-free way.
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