Computer Vision

Computer vision becomes an alternative for companies who produce devices for catching the video image as a source of information for driving. The high percentage of automobile accidents in bad weather conditions shows how weak vision systems which cars rely on are. That means there is a lot of work in the field of car vision assistants.

Computer Vision

Computer vision basics implemented into car are also a good solution for manufacturers of unmanned automobile vehicles. There a lot of car manufacturers which build unmanned cars. However, not each of them are able to give their cars an ability to drive in a bad weather at all. They are able to drive only in a sunny day. Weather conditions also is a problem for this industry.

SpdLoad has experience in creating algorithms which will provide vision hardware – cameras, dashcams with an ability to clean the received picture. Computer vision dataset gives software an advantage to analyze the image which comes from camera and clean it from heavy rain and fog, snow storms which increases hardware’s ability to recognize objects. Then it is possible to give an output video data on a screen via object recognition API.

Video and image recognition increase solutions can work on cheap hardware that comparing to other manufacturers of alike software is a privilege for customer. Cheap CPU which costs from 30 USD can maintain vision system that will improve quality of video by 20%.

Moreover, vision analysis can be focused not only on video image. SpdLoad development services are also applied to receiving shots from camera and further photo analytics. Another expertise of company is audio recognition. Complex methods of receiving and analyzing sound take it to pattern recognition procedures what leads to further revealing the result.

At SpdLoad it is easy to find computer vision engineer who will solve your task and cater your business need effectively. Our group of scientists consist of 4 individuals who has Ph.D. degrees in computer science and more than 50 years of summary experience.

Our team can provide you not only with a competent researcher but with services in other spheres of vision artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

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