Company journey

The customer came to us with an idea to create an AI solution for music industry

The customer had the lack of trust at the start of cooperation

Our team guaranteed refunding of money in case we wouldn't be involved

The team helped to save budget, because adviced to stop implementing AI at an MVP stage

We helped to save time and money. It allowed to build trust with the customer

It allowed to vaildate idea and raise necessary for development funds

Project key factors


Who was our customer

Customer without technical background. Startup from scratch


Where our customer based



What we wanted to achieve

To raise investments to launch a product


Who was involved in development

1 business analytic, 1 project manager, 1 backend, 1 frontend, 1 mobile developer


How long did the project take

1 year

Main requirements

The customer came with an idea only. Our team collected detailed research on the technical and business requirements, in order to build a successful MVP in a short space of time. It gave our customer the chance to raise money and continue with the development of their product.

Our solution

We have built the trustful relationships

We guaranteed a cashback if we wouldn't show enough level of involvement in building business.

We have provided customer with AI expertise

Our team has provided a customer with AI expertise to stop him from implementing this feature on the stage of MVP to save money.

We have shown the high engagement level of team

To build trust with a customer, our team has validated the idea and made a number of researches to understand that there was no need in AI on the stage of MVP. It allowed us to save money and raise funds.

How we did it?

1. Research of an idea in the music domain

2. Researching the possibility to implement AI

3. Decision to decline implementation of AI at MVP sage

4. Development of an MVP

5. Fundraising process

6. Continued research of AI solutions and development

Technologies we use


Our research helped customer to cut unnecessary at MVP stage AI-based features and save a third of a budget.

We provided a technology expertise to build a solution oriented on enterprise-level music labels.

As a result, customer has got an investment round from a big music company to start AI-based development.


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