Spending a lot of time on screening startups and giving feedback

Difficulties with management, convenient workflow and high risks

We offered

AI for screening, provide feedback and risk mitigation

CRM for optimize the workflow and focus on important things

How it looks
1 Configure quiz
2 Add on your site
3 Easily manage the most suitable startups

Get suggestion about more suitable startups - with our evaluation algorithms


Increase quantity of good startups - 90% of startups are nothing

Easy to use

Save 4 hours from each startup what you evaluated - our AI ranking will help you

Technical support

Simplify your workflow - with our all-inclusive management tool

Fast integration

Super easy integration - integrate with 3 clicks

Customer Success
We save your TIME

In general, you need to spend 3-4 month for find in-house team who be able to build solution from scratch. But if you would like to have team with expertise in Investment industry, you have spend more than 6 month. Depending on your costs, you can easily calculate cost-effectiveness.

We deliver high-quality service

We give the opportunity to be in the project for exactly as long as YOU want. You shouldn't focus on organization questions or back office. Change your focus on business and don't miss any details

AI-based screening

Stop making risky investments. Our AI will choose and rank the most suitable startups, which will perfectly match to your requirements. You will not only save time and money, but you will also speed up the batches. Make more smart investments and get back more profit.


Try our fast and easy real-time chatting - it improves the speed and quality of developing startup and makes you much more closer to the project. Our notification system will not allow you to miss any messages or wait for an answer for a long time.

Management tool

Follow the kanban board management - optimize batch workflow in an attractive and flexible way. Make management more transparent, clear and visual. Customize your approach, allocate startups as you want, track every change in the status.

File sharing

Useful and simple solution - keep any stuff you want from the startup in one place. Practical and convenient storage with easy access to all materials you asked to attach. Focus on the most important things.

Booking tool

Use a simple approach to plan progress of startup. Follow your booked calls, meetings and conversations to realize the development, learning or mentoring without unnecessary moves.